9+1 reasons to learn Spanish!

They say language is like “the petrol of Spain” since everyday Spanish is increasing as a language all around the world. It is so amazing to see how more and more people are interested in learning Spanish.

©ABC Cultura (Spain)
©ABC Cultura (Spain)
Why learning Spanish?

As you can see in the gallery below, data speaks by itself:

      • 5 hundred million people speak Spanish nowadays.
      • Spanish is the second language in number of speakers only after Mandarin-Chinese and it’s also the second in international communication language ranking (after English).
      • While the percentage of Spanish native speakers is increasing all over the world, English and Chinese are decreasing.
      • Estimated data for 2030 says that 7,5% of world population will be Spanish speaker: 535 millions! (more than Russian, French or German).
      • After 3 or 4 generations up to 10% of world population will understand each other speaking Spanish.
      • In 2050 United States will be the first country in number of Spanish speakers.
      • Nowadays 18 million of students are learning Spanish!
      • Spanish language is directly related with high quality culture all around the world: El Quijote is highly-regarded even better than Joyce’s Ulysses and Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.
      • Instituto Cervantes has an increase of 8% each year in number of enrollments.
      • Spanish is the second language used in Twitter, only after English!

As you can see Spanish language data and its prediction are wonderful. So there are lots of reasons to learn Spanish. Also for teaching it! We should keep spreading our language in a good quality way. Even more SouthAmerica is becoming one of the best destinations for traveling and some of its economies are increasing so al lot of europeans are moving there for working. So Spanish is required more and more everyday.

Either you are thinking of going to Spain or SouthAmerica for traveling or you have the opportunity to move to SouthAmerica for working, check out the courses I offer here, for travelers and job opportunities. I tailor lessons focusing on those goals.

All the demographic data used in the gallery above dates back to January 2013, so probably has increased a bit more in all senses.

All data was given by Instituto Cervantes in 2013.