1 single Lesson


Try our method, learn Spanish any time and any where, tailor-made lessons, meet your tutor and see how La Isla teaching-learning process works by picking 1 lesson of 45 minutes!


1 single lesson is a good option when you want to see how actually works La Isla teaching, and if you feel well in this learning process. Is a one session package consisting of 45 minutes of videoconference one to one with one of our teachers.

You will get a first welcome email to where we explain instructions of how to receive the materials, how to be ready for the class and how to interact with your tutor.  Once the lesson is over, you will get a feedback email with regards our impressions after the class. We want to share with you all how we feel after the lessons, since we feel like we are going through the learning process together.

If you enjoy the experience and decide to go on with more lessons, feel free to order a 5 lessons package and we’ll continue learning Spanish together!

Please get in touch with us specifying what are your goals and needs, and we’ll customize our lessons according to your wishes.

-Duration: 45 minutes.
-No previous experience required.
-All materials included.
-Minimum age: 16 years old.


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