20 Lessons Pack


Lessons customized depending on your needs and goals. Private tuition and long-term learning! We work on developing the four basic skills that every language requires: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Improve your communicate in everyday situations in a real social context. Learning a language is a long-distance race, you are the center and we walk together with you!


Learning Spanish will expand your traveling and life horizons. Nowadays, there are over 405 million native speakers, making it second only to Mandarin worldwide. We will guide you in cultural awareness through real learning contexts.

For those who have a previous knowledge or contact with the Spanish language and want to focus not that much in grammar but in conversation, we will meet for improving your speaking skills so the student can communicate fluently and accurately.

We also like to ask the student to read articles about a topic of their interest and after that have a one-to-one discussion about it. Also we will make sure that any problems with the grammar are reviewed, with a proper feedback after each session.

When picking a 20 lessons bundle you are showing a strong motivation and it means that you are engaged to a long-term learning process. Lets go!

Duration: 45 minutes / per lesson
-No previous experience required.
-All materials included.
-Minimum age: 16 years old.

This bundle must be used within a maximum of 5 months.


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